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Intuitive Energy Healer Services

Restore Balance and Align Your Energy with Intuitive Healing

Benefits of Intuitive Energy Healer Services

An intuitive energy healer service is a form of holistic healing that focuses on balancing and harmonizing the energy within the body. It involves the use of intuitive abilities to perceive and work with subtle energies for the purpose of promoting healing, well-being, and spiritual growth. An intuitive energy healer utilizes their intuitive senses and connection to universal energy to identify energetic imbalances, blockages, or disturbances within an individual’s energy field. They may use various techniques such as energy scanning, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, and energy clearing to facilitate the restoration of energetic flow and vitality.

As a certified level 2 Reiki practitioner, during an intuitive energy healing session, I will act as a conduit for healing energy, channeling and directing it to the recipient. I may use hands, gentle touch, or non-physical methods to work with the energy field and promote healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The intention is to facilitate a state of balance, harmony, and overall well-being. I will also ignite your self-healing capabilities during a session.

Energy flows through the body using many pathways


Chakras are spinning energy centers that receive and express emotions and subtle energy.


Meridians, or nadis, are pathways in which energy travel within our tissues that run on each side of the body–there are 12 major meridians, and one side mirrors the other.


The aura is a multilayered light surrounding all beings, representing their vibrational field.

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Our Testimonials

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