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This is a non-judgemental safe space to help you embrace your own healing journey, share your gifts in community, & experience authentic connections at local events!

For her healing services, Karlee uses tried & true techniques to remove stagnant, stuck energies such as traumas or past negative experiences. She helps shift negative habits, relationships, thoughts, & emotions while providing a deeper level of self-awareness, self-love, & lifestyle recommendations.

Karlee LOVES building relationships, connections, & community! She also collaborates with empowered entrepreneurs, healers, & coaches by assisting them in creating their own unique events or workshops so they can share their gifts & truth without having to deal with the logistics.


"Karlee's Activating Inner Peace offerings have provided a wonderful container for my healing and growth. In this space, with this community, I have been able to speak my truth and feel heard & understood. Karlee has given me many tools & techniques to take my healing into my own hands. She empowers, encourages, & guides others to wake up to their own ability to heal themselves. This is the essence of any true healer!


I've really enjoyed getting to know Karlee & her fun, authentic personality, made it easy to go deep during our one-on-one sessions. This meant digging into some of the unconscious beliefs that were holding me back. Eight months ago, I was feeling a sense of scarcity and lack. Karlee helped me to see that the Universe is abundant & that opportunities are open to me. I now feel likely cup overflows in many areas of my life. Her prices are very affordable and her crystal bowl offering & singing are something to be savored!"

~ Crystal MacLean, Vernon, BC

"I have joined all of Karlee's Activating Inner Peace sessions in search of better learning of my true authentic self. After attending I came out with something so much more than what I was searching for. I found my higher self. I found a calmer self, someone I could brag about, love more, & appreciate more. Her sessions are open to all makes, shapes, & forms. They make you feel comfortable & safe, so I got to share my true self. I'm so grateful I found her so that I can continue on my journey of self-growth with many like-minded people on their own journeys. In the group, we are all one, learning & growing from each other.

Thank you Karlee for sharing your knowledge & creating such a wonderful space for all to grow and love."

~ Stephanie Salter, Kelowna, BC

“Karlee’s straightforward, compassionate coaching is astounding. She can seamlessly guide anyone through their issues & challenge them effectively in new ways that work! Her ability to know precisely what you’re looking for & needing at the right time is remarkable & a work of art. Her luminosity always brings something new to the table!

Highly recommend anyone to work with her.  Whether it’s through a personal session or through her workshops, you will always be left feeling more in tune with yourself & your gifts.  Karlee, thank you so much for giving us your light & teaching us what it means to be a spiritual being living a human experience."

~ Thamim Chowdhury, London, UK

"Before I started working together with Karlee, I was completely disconnected from my body & was afraid to go beyond my comfort zone.  Having the free mini-session first, helped me transition into allowing myself to see money as an energy exchange. I would have made excuses about money & time. With Karlee, I was able to not be afraid of my body & release & process more deep hidden traumas during the time working with her than in the whole 7 years I've been aware of the need to heal. Karlee is a genuine, caring person, that creates an environment of safety."

~ Everlee Herdson, Kelowna, BC

"From the very beginning, I had lots of traumas & not feeling well. Together with the situation that I have psychosis, I have been struggling a lot in my life. My life completely transformed since I met Karlee, she is my angel. She helped me to find my true self. She leads me in a very warm & welcoming way. She spent all the effort in making me feel good. She imparted to me lots of positive energy & comfortable open space to grow & heal. During the time working with her, I have gained lots of knowledge about humanity & Mother Earth. She has become my soul sister. Now I find my path & clarity in life. I am very happy I met Karlee. She has made me a loving, kind person with a beautiful personality."

~ Dawn Chan, Tapei, Hong Kong