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Wholeness Healing & Community Connections

The Latest Testimonials...


This is a non-judgemental safe space to help you embrace your own healing journey, share your gifts in community, & experience authentic connections at local events!

For her healing services, Karlee uses tried & true techniques to remove stagnant, stuck energies such as traumas or past negative experiences. She helps shift negative habits, relationships, thoughts, & emotions while providing a deeper level of self-awareness, self-love, & lifestyle recommendations.

Karlee LOVES building relationships, connections, & community! Send her a message if you have a collaboration idea!!!


"When I started working with Karlee, I was ready to take my own healing deeper & I was ready to create more ease & abundance in my life. I didn’t want to have so much pressure & force in making money or feel miserable overworking like I have in the past."

"After working with Karlee, I feel more at peace where I’m at in my life right now instead of focusing on what happened in the past or what will be in the future. I have a deeper understanding of myself & others with greater compassion. I have learned healthy boundaries & standards for where my energy goes & how I choose to design my day. I have connected with my body & womb more, & embraced my feminine energy. I have a balance of my masculine & feminine energies. I’m having more fun even in my day-to-day tasks! I’m more open to new opportunities & going with the flow. A big transformation was how much trust, love & grace I’ve been able to give myself instead of continuing the cycle of being so self-critical. Understanding to embrace all of me, my shadows, & my humanness, & love it all. I’ve also opened myself up to opportunities that I normally would not have before because I know that I have stability within myself, not because of what happens around me. And being unattached to the outcome, enjoying the blessings in the moment."

"The process of working with Karlee, I would describe as peeling back layers of yourself & asking yourself why you perceive or behave the way you do, until you have clarity from the root. I would recommend your services to others because you hold space & have also empowered me to reflect on my questions which have led me to answers. She has a holistic approach to life, sharing her own experiences & her journey. She is pretty transparent with what you are going through as well and does not hide behind a “perfect image”. I really admire that she celebrates our wins with us each week too."

~ Dorottya Amelia Ohio, USA

"Karlee's Activating Inner Peace offerings have provided a wonderful container for my healing and growth. In this space, with this community, I have been able to speak my truth and feel heard & understood. Karlee has given me many tools & techniques to take my healing into my own hands. She empowers, encourages, & guides others to wake up to their own ability to heal themselves. This is the essence of any true healer!


I've really enjoyed getting to know Karlee & her fun, authentic personality, made it easy to go deep during our one-on-one sessions. This meant digging into some of the unconscious beliefs that were holding me back. Eight months ago, I was feeling a sense of scarcity and lack. Karlee helped me to see that the Universe is abundant & that opportunities are open to me. I now feel likely cup overflows in many areas of my life. Her prices are very affordable and her crystal bowl offering & singing are something to be savored!"

~ Crystal MacLean, Vernon, BC

"I have joined all of Karlee's Activating Inner Peace sessions in search of better learning of my true authentic self. After attending I came out with something so much more than what I was searching for. I found my higher self. I found a calmer self, someone I could brag about, love more, & appreciate more. Her sessions are open to all makes, shapes, & forms. They make you feel comfortable & safe, so I got to share my true self. I'm so grateful I found her so that I can continue on my journey of self-growth with many like-minded people on their own journeys. In the group, we are all one, learning & growing from each other.

Thank you Karlee for sharing your knowledge & creating such a wonderful space for all to grow and love."

~ Stephanie Salter, Kelowna, BC

“Karlee’s straightforward, compassionate coaching is astounding. She can seamlessly guide anyone through their issues & challenge them effectively in new ways that work! Her ability to know precisely what you’re looking for & needing at the right time is remarkable & a work of art. Her luminosity always brings something new to the table!

Highly recommend anyone to work with her.  Whether it’s through a personal session or through her workshops, you will always be left feeling more in tune with yourself & your gifts.  Karlee, thank you so much for giving us your light & teaching us what it means to be a spiritual being living a human experience."

~ Thamim Chowdhury, London, UK

"Before I started working together with Karlee, I was completely disconnected from my body & was afraid to go beyond my comfort zone.  Having the free mini-session first, helped me transition into allowing myself to see money as an energy exchange. I would have made excuses about money & time. With Karlee, I was able to not be afraid of my body & release & process more deep hidden traumas during the time working with her than in the whole 7 years I've been aware of the need to heal. Karlee is a genuine, caring person, that creates an environment of safety."

~ Everlee Herdson, Kelowna, BC

"From the very beginning, I had lots of traumas & not feeling well. Together with the situation that I have psychosis, I have been struggling a lot in my life. My life completely transformed since I met Karlee, she is my angel. She helped me to find my true self. She leads me in a very warm & welcoming way. She spent all the effort in making me feel good. She imparted to me lots of positive energy & comfortable open space to grow & heal. During the time working with her, I have gained lots of knowledge about humanity & Mother Earth. She has become my soul sister. Now I find my path & clarity in life. I am very happy I met Karlee. She has made me a loving, kind person with a beautiful personality."

~ Dawn Chan, Tapei, Hong Kong

One-on-One Sessions

What's Included:

During a session, Karlee intuitively decides which modalities are used depending on the individual's needs. This may include intuitive coaching to assist the individual using Holistic Health, Lifestyle Recommendations, & Self-Awareness. Guided energy healing through powerful visualizations & breathwork to tap into the subconscious mind is used to heal the inner child, release traumas, emotions, & negative energies that are creating suffering & challenges for the individual. A deeper understanding is co-created & a variety of exercises are taught & given to help facilitate a transformation quickly. Karlee creates a safe space where the individual can heal energetically, emotionally, & physically.

A noticeable transformation occurs within one session. Each session is equipped with customized intuitive alignment steps given after each session for integration. The session can be recorded if takes place virtually. Karlee invites locals into her home office in Lake Country for sessions too. To receive the full transformation, the "Becoming Whole" package is highly recommended. This recommendation is seeded from Karlee's experience working with people & seeing that this is the optimal time it takes roughly per person. Each package is customized, stemming from the foundation of her 5-step method based on the individual's needs, desires, & awareness. Packages also include direct support with her in between the sessions for accountability, emotional support, extra resources, & love. Tap on "More Info" to learn more about each service. Karlee offers 15% OFF for any new clients & a referral program for current/past clients.

**Payment Plans are available for the packages**

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