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The Only Cookbook With No Recipe

Your foolproof cookbook to simplified healthy cooking, without having to hit up the grocery store or make sacrifices!

What if there was a way you no longer had to waste your energy and time spending hours on Pinterest finding healthy meals to make or there was a way to help you get out of your cooking rut, and no longer struggle to figure out what to make every single night that is quick, easy, healthy, cost-effective, and you already have every SINGLE ingredient.

For real though...

Isn’t it time you were able to achieve your desired weight, have more energy, time, and money, feel confident, and sustain a simplified healthy lifestyle?

If your wide-eyed and scrolling with anticipation, the solution has arrived finally.

But first, stop scrolling, relax, and imagine...

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home every day after work, knowing exactly what your cooking is quick, easy, healthy, and cost-effective?

It’s so fun, exhilarating, and exciting to be able to use whatever ingredients you already have in your kitchen, instead of wasting your time going to the grocery store.

You no longer feel like staying “on the wagon” with your healthy cooking is difficult, boring, expensive, or time-consuming.

Your self-talk in your head is now saying how easy and simple it is to crush your health goals.



Each page is a ‘non-recipe’ for you to save or print out, so you can have them in your kitchen ready to use to take the stress away & the feeling of overwhelm from cooking healthy.

There are simplified basic non-recipes so that you can cook with substitutes or you can use whatever you got in your kitchen without having to hit up a grocery store or make sacrifices!

At the bottom of each page, it will tell you how to make it. All you have to do is follow what it says and pick and choose one or multiple ingredients from the lists to complete your meal. Each measurement is for one person so if your cooking for more than one or want leftovers, it’s easy to multiply. The best part about this is you can mix and match whatever ingredients you want so it’s simple and easy to do!

Here's what's been brewing in the kitchen for you...

Healthy Tools

You'll be able to experience cooking multiple different meals with only one non-recipe card, with exciting options for vegans and vegetarians. There are multiple different cards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and cards for sauces and dressings.

Good Feels

You'll feel SO GOOD being able to eat healthy all the time. You will have more time and energy to put towards your loved ones and yourself because you will never have to worry about cooking again.


You'll never have to spend another cent on a cookbook, meal plan, or diet. You will never have to worry about finding a recipe to make, running to the grocery store, meal prepping for hours, or not knowing what to make for dinner. ​

Simplified Healthy Cooking

You will feel like you can tackle cooking healthy every day and you will experience how simple and easy it is to build healthy, delicious, meals. You'll know what ingredients to use that are healthy to see results with your goals without making sacrifices.

Get your hands-on on the only cookbook EVER MADE that doesn’t require recipes so you never have to buy another cookbook or Pinterest another recipe again!

Common questions that crowd up my inbox...

What if I don't have any of the ingredients that are listed?

This is one of the reasons WHY I made this, because most of the ingredients, if not all, you will already have in your kitchen and if you don’t you can substitute with whatever you got.

Karlee, I don't think I am a very good cook, will this work for me?

100%, I simplified instructions below each non-recipe card and created examples to help you figure out what flavors and textures go together. If your really stuck, there is also normal bonus recipes to go with the cards.

I don't understand how it works exactly?

You’ll NEVER have to buy another cookbook or find another recipe because the way I made this cookbook, it allows you to get creative, picking and choosing only healthy ingredients from lists (instead of one specific ingredient, like a regular recipe). You will be building your own unique meal with every card with step-by-step instructions.


For example: A salad dressing needs to have an acid, liquid, sweetener, and spices to complete it. Below each of those there are lists of different ingredients to choose from and instructions how to make it.

How is this different from a regular cookbook?

A usual cookbook has recipes with specific ingredients you need or it won’t turn out properly. With just one ‘non-recipe’ card you can build multiple different meals that will always turn out, that vary so much in taste and texture, you’ll be shocked it all came from one single page.


All ingredients inside the cookbook are not processed, have no sugar, and no fat. (unless it’s the good fats, of course!) Nutritionist approved. 👌


It is a PDF printable digital product so no matter what kitchen your cooking in, 24/7, you will be able to share it with whomever you please and be able to download it to your phone for quick access or print it off to keep in your kitchen.

But Karlee, I don't get how it will save me time?

You won’t have to spend time figuring what to make, going to the grocery store to buy specific ingredients, all the meals can be made easily into big batches for future meals, and all the meals can be made in under an hour.

🌿 Unleash Culinary Freedom: Break Free from Cooking Chaos, Save Time, Energy, and Money, and Thrive in Your Simplified Healthy Lifestyle! 🍲✨

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