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🌟Your Catalyst for Transformation

Karlee is not just a guide; she’s your passionate Intuitive Mentor, Emotional Release & Purification Guide, Sound & Energy Healer, Personal Growth & Spiritual Facilitator, and the dedicated Space Holder. Rooted in holistic wellness, energy healing, and community connection, she serves as a guiding light for those in search of authentic relating, community, clarity, purpose, fulfillment, peace, and healing.

Beyond Roles: While some may label her as a Life Coach, Energy Healer, or Holistic Health Practitioner, Karlee’s true mission is to create safe spaces where individuals discover the healing they need in the present moment, unveiling profound self-awareness and insights.

Mission and Vision: Karlee is on a mission to awaken the dormant power within individuals, encouraging them to embrace their innate gifts and share unique perspectives, thereby forging a path to a brighter future. Her vision is a world where everyone supports each other fearlessly, amplifying their truths and celebrating the diversity of gifts.

Transformative Approach: Blessed with a potent 5-step process, Karlee customizes her sessions to each individual’s unique needs and awareness level. Delving into the roots of negative patterns, thoughts, and emotions, she facilitates deep transformation by tracing connections from childhood and subconscious mind to present experiences. Drawing on intuition and expertise, Karlee holistically understands the intricate interplay of energy, mind, body, and soul.

Spreading Awareness and Crafting Experiences: Beyond her transformative roles, Karlee spreads awareness about alternative holistic modalities and loves to guest facilitate. She excels in crafting one-of-a-kind experiences for private groups, bachelorettes, weddings, retreats, corporate teams, non-profits, wellness events, and children. Her creativity shines in collaborations with Dress For Success Kelowna, School District #23, Westbank First Nations, and wedding parties, specializing in sound baths.

🌟 Embark on a Journey with Karlee: Your Transformative Guide

In Karlee’s healing sanctuary, each session is an artful dance of diverse modalities, meticulously tailored to your individual needs and depth of self-awareness. She possesses an extraordinary gift for weaving connections from the tapestry of early life experiences to the present, sparking profound transformations.

Rooted in Renewal: Karlee’s mastery lies in identifying and addressing the profound roots of negative emotions, thoughts, and patterns, paving the way for a transformative journey of release and renewal. Her intuitive insights allow her to navigate the intricate balance of energy, mind, body, and soul in every individual.

A Tapestry of Expertise: Karlee’s expertise spans an expansive spectrum—Holistic Health & Nutrition, Energy, Subconscious Reprogramming, Authentic Relating (creating/repairing deeply intimate meaningful relationships & improving communication skills), Habit Refinement, Spiritual Practices, Psychic Development, and more. From Somatic Work to Yoga, Breathwork, Chakra Alignment, and Womb Alchemy, she crafts a unique blend tailored to your transformative needs.

Crafting Connections, Fostering Growth: Beyond individual sessions, Karlee is a community builder and a facilitator of growth. Whether you’re drawn to personal healing, seeking authentic relationships, or exploring spiritual expansion, Karlee is your guide.

Your Invitation to Transformation: Ready to embark on a transformative journey with Karlee? 🚀 Schedule a Free Consultation and step into a realm of renewal, connection, and profound growth!

The Journey Thus Far

🌟 Karlee’s Authentic Healing Journey: From Struggles to Strength

In her youth, Karlee grappled with the burdens of societal expectations, feeling lost, judged, and uncertain about forging a path to abundance, freedom, love, and purpose. Her entrepreneurial and healing odyssey, though enlightening, was riddled with challenges. Confronting persistent fight-or-flight responses, headaches, childhood scars, self-worth battles, addiction struggles, and the harsh echoes of emotional and physical abuse, Karlee’s resilience became the cornerstone of her ongoing healing journey.

In 2014, fueled by determination, Karlee earned a diploma in Holistic Health & Nutrition. This milestone deepened her understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection, becoming a compass for her healing and a guiding light for others. However, unhealed traumas momentarily dimmed her confidence, casting shadows on her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Yet, in embracing her authentic journey, Karlee emerged stronger, wielding her past as a source of wisdom and empathy.

🌟 Karlee’s Authentic Evolution: From Classrooms to Holistic Healing

In 2016, Karlee ventured into a fulfilling role as a Certified Education Assistant, pouring her heart into supporting children with exceptional needs in Kelowna’s school district. Yet, a quiet yearning persisted. As a yogi and a globetrotter, her academic pursuits intertwined with rich experiences that exposed her to varied ancient wisdom. After a transformative year-long journey, the allure of digital business led her to affiliate marketing with Enagic, promising freedom in the virtual realm. However, a pivotal “ah-ha!” moment redirected her compass to her true passion: Holistic Health & Healing.

Karlee’s journey unfurled with profound connections and mentorships that enriched her personal healing and understanding. Fueled by a commitment to continuous growth, she invested in diverse business and personal development programs, gaining clarity on her soul’s mission. This awareness set off a transformative domino effect: self-healing, self-discovery, shedding societal conditioning, and acquiring modalities to enhance her service to both herself and others. Karlee embraces her ever-evolving nature, recognizing that healing is an ongoing, shared journey for us all. 🌿 Embark on your healing journey with Karlee, where authenticity and growth intertwine!

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Our Testimonials

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