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Wholeness Healing & Community Connections 
with Karlee Rose


Browse Karlee's shop & allow yourself to be empowered!

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Aligned Leaders

In these pages you will find inspiring stories of bold and fearless women who have chosen to do the deep inner work, to present the most aligned and authentic versions of themselves. Everyone is here to serve a purpose, to grow and learn from the uncertainties and experiences of life, to shed the layers of social expectation, and then to step forward with ease and grace. May these stories serve as encouragement for those that are on the same journey - aligning with their soul’s mission, and leading the way in their community.


Kangen Water Machine

This is Karlee's favorite & most essential product for her health!  E-mail her at if you're interested in buying one or receiving water samples to test.

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The Only Cookbook With No Recipes

The Only cookbook ever made without recipes ~ your foolproof cookbook to simplified healthy cooking, without having to hit up the grocery store or make sacrifices!

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