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Wholeness Healing & Holistic Health with Karlee Rose

One-on-One Sessions

What's Included:

During a session, Karlee intuitively decides which modalities are used depending on the individual's needs. This may include intuitive coaching to assist the individual using Holistic Health, Lifestyle Recommendations, & Self-Awareness. Guided energy healing through powerful visualizations & breathwork to tap into the subconscious mind is used to heal the inner child, release traumas, emotions, & negative energies that are creating suffering & challenges for the individual. A deeper understanding is co-created & a variety of exercises are taught & given to help facilitate a transformation quickly. Karlee creates a safe space where the individual can heal energetically, emotionally, & physically.

A noticeable transformation occurs within one session. Each session is equipped with customized intuitive alignment steps given after each session for integration. The session can be recorded if takes place virtually. Karlee invites locals into her home office in Lake Country for sessions too. To receive the full transformation, the "Becoming Whole" package is highly recommended. This recommendation is seeded from Karlee's experience working with people & seeing that this is the optimal time it takes roughly per person. Each package is customized, stemming from the foundation of her 5-step method based on the individual's needs, desires, & awareness. Packages also include direct support with her in between the sessions for accountability, emotional support, extra resources, & love. Tap on "More Info" to learn more about each service. Karlee offers 15% OFF for any new clients & a referral program for current/past clients.

**Payment Plans are available for the packages**

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