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 I want to show you how to make your healthy meals taste DELICIOUS so you can enjoy cooking healthy without adding extra calories, fat or sugar!🙌

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Consider the possibility of finally meeting your soul purpose and being so confident with yourself that you know exactly with no doubt in your mind what actions to take in your life every single day to attract and receive all of your dreams…

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You KNOW you were made with a have this powerful feeling, a calling, deep inside of you that is pulling you towards something so much bigger ~ you know you are destined for more!💫

You did what you felt was right and got your post-secondary education ~ now working your 9-5 grind with no end in sight, wondering is this really it, is this really how life is supposed to be!?


 In your heart and soul, you know that you need to stop giving all your time, energy, and love to others, you've completely lost who you even are and figure how to truly love yourself, even when you don’t.🥺


You're constantly overthinking, "How do I conquer my fears and step into my power, my purpose, that I know is somewhere deep inside of me that has been hiding for years?"🧐

Does this sound like you?

You get blurry-eyed, your heart starts to pound rapidly, your jaw locks up, and the frustration kicks in when you see your newsfeed...ANOTHER person has created a life around their purpose.😔


You’re so sick and tired of people preaching about self-love and just assuming you know how too...but how and how is it all connected?!🙄


You’re tossing and turning all night wondering what do I need to do, what direction do I need to take, whom do I need to speak to ~ to align myself with my soul purpose, and believe in myself enough to be able to take the daily actions needed to get myself there and THEN make it my source of income...


You keep posting inside of Facebook groups, reaching out to people, and consuming information, in hopes to find the answers that you're so far down the rabbit hole of the big ol'

 wide web you're not sure what to believe anymore or whom to trust...


That little voice in your head is screaming at you saying, “What IS the secret to feeling inner peace, abundance, fulfillment and how on Earth can I create my income around my purpose?!"🤷

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Isn’t time to finally be able to discover your soul purpose and step into your true authentic self so you can feel confident in taking the necessary daily actions to make your purpose into your source of income instead of following society's 'version' of what it means to be successful and happy??🤑

If your thinking, "UGH yes.." right now and your finger is getting sore from scrolling with anticipation, the answer is here!

But first, peppa time, give your finger a break, take a breath in and imagine...

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a toolkit in your back pocket for your life on how to continually grow and expand yourself so you can trust, love, and understand yourself entirely to continue receiving all your desires with simplicity and ease?


How successful and accomplished would you feel when you are able to harness your soul purpose and your POWER to live a life on your OWN terms?✨


That little voice in your head is now saying, “I can’t believe how I don’t care AT ALL about how others view or feel about me and I know exactly what direction to take!”😲

It’s so easy and simple now to know what steps to take to always feel in alignment, you can't even believe you felt so lost and stuck for so long... 


You are now able to share your wisdom to help your loved ones and others so you can make a positive impact in their lives and the world.

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What's up! I'm Karlee. When I am not in the kitchen whipping up a healthy creation or receiving messages from my guides, I'm a Spiritual Holistic Coach and Nutritionist, who helps souls break through their programming and society's to start embodying their truths as their testimony so that they can meet their purpose to experience a life of fulfillment. With 8 years of experience in holistic health and wellness, I have become an expert in teaching my clients how to evolve into a higher consciousness level so that they can achieve all their goals, desires, and dreams while it being in alignment with who they are.


I created The Quantum Leap Series because this is my soul purpose. I see how our world is changing right now and many souls are awakening and feeling a calling, a pull, or seeking, for being able to create something bigger than what they currently have but they just don't have the tools, guidance, a safe space, and the support needed to get there. I am so honored and excited to be able to help!🤍

You need an opportunity that will quantum leap you in to your soul purpose and your power with the "know-how" in only 6 weeks instead of feeling lost and stuck, from a Spiritual Holistic Coach who has been through the exact same journey ~ that has the experience and wisdom to be able to give you the correct tools to get you there.✨

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The Quantum Leap Series

Week One ~ Your Programming vs. Society's

Week Two ~ The Powerful Wolf vs.The Bad Wolf

Week Three ~ Spirituality + Conscious Awareness

Week Four ~ Who Are You?

Week Five ~ Your Soul Purpose

Week Six ~ The Intuitive Conscious Living Method


Here's what  they're  saying...

“Karlee’s straight-forward, compassionate coaching is astounding. She can seamlessly guide anyone through their issues and challenge them effectively in new ways that work! Her ability to know exactly what you’re looking for and needing at the right time is remarkable and a work of art in itself. Her luminosity always brings something new to the table!"


"Highly recommend anyone to work with her.  Whether it’s through a personal session through her workshops, you will always be left feeling more in tune with yourself and your gifts.  Karlee, thank you so much for giving us your light and teaching us what it means to be a spiritual being living a human experience."

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Here's what's been created just for you...

Spiritual Guru Master✅

 You’ll hear your intuition instead of your ego and receive messages and guidance from the universe as if you were born in a temple.

No More "what ifs"

You will experience being able to always come back to your true authentic self with it being in alignment with your soul purpose every single day.

No More Second Guessing

 You’ll never have to buy, consume, or learn another piece of information because your vision of your journey will be as clear as glass.

All The Tingles

You’ll feel so connected with who you truly are, your purpose, and how much you love yourself, that you’ll start having healthier habits without even thinking about it, that will impact your loved ones just by being your authentic self.

So let me ask you…

Do you believe in divine timing? If you are reading this now then it wasn’t by coincidence!


The universe is giving you a sign.💫

You are ready to join us to quantum leap yourself so you can ULTIMATELY meet your soul purpose and become so confident with yourself that you know exactly what actions to take every, single, day to create a life you never thought you were even worthy or capable of achieving!

  • "What if I don't have any of the ingredients that are listed?""
    This is one of the reasons WHY I made this, because most of the ingredients, if not all, you will already have in your kitchen and if you don't you can subsitute with whatever you got.
  • "Karlee, I don't think I am a very good cook, will this work for me?""
    100%, I simplified instructions below each non-recipe card and created examples to help you figure out what flavors and textures go together. If your really stuck, there is also normal bonus recipes to go with the cards.
  • "I don't understand how it works exactly?""
    You’ll NEVER have to buy another cookbook or find another recipe because the way I made this cookbook, it allows you to get creative, picking and choosing only healthy ingredients from lists (instead of one specific ingredient, like a regular recipe). You will be building your own unique meal with every card with step-by-step instructions. For example: A salad dressing needs to have an acid, liquid, sweetener, and spices to complete it. Below each of those there are lists of different ingredients to choose from and instructions how to make it.
  • "How is this different from a regular cookbook?""
    A usual cookbook has recipes with specific ingredients you need or it won't turn out properly. With just one ‘non-recipe’ card you can build multiple different meals that will always turn out, that vary so much in taste and texture, you’ll be shocked it all came from one single page. All ingredients inside the cookbook are not processed, have no sugar, and no fat. (unless it's the good fats, of course!) Nutritionist approved. 👌 It is a PDF printable digital product so no matter what kitchen your cooking in, 24/7, you will be able to share it with whomever you please and be able to download it to your phone for quick access or print it off to keep in your kitchen.
  • "But Karlee, I don't get how it will save me time?""
    You won't have to spend time figuring what to make, going to the grocery store to buy specific ingredients, all the meals can be made easily into big batches for future meals, and all the meals can be made in under an hour.

Here's what  they're  saying...

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🌟Book Your Free Call To Discover If This Is For You🌟

You are capable.

You are worthy.

You DESERVE this!

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