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 I want to show you how to make your healthy meals taste DELICIOUS so you can enjoy cooking healthy without adding extra calories, fat or sugar!🙌

A 3-Day Men's

Virtual Spiritual

Embodiment Workshop

Your foolproof solution to believing in

yourself and knowing what direction to take

in your life that feels in alignment.


What if there was a way you no longer had to feel like you were not capable or worthy of achieving your goals

or what path to take that will actually give you the results you so badly desire?

In your heart, you know that you need to stop comparing yourself to your Facebook buddy from high school, that works at Google and has a vacation home in Mexico because then you start giving yourself a hard time and these thoughts always ruin your day, “why can’t I be where they are? Why do they make it look so easy, but every time I take a step forward, I end up going 10 steps backward after?”🥺


You know there’s a better way, but you just can’t stop feeling like your life lacks purpose and the direction it needs to go in order for you to attract and receive all your desires.🤷‍♂️


There is something in your gut telling you that there has to be an easier way to feeling confident enough to express your true authentic self, crush your limiting beliefs for GOOD, and find a direction in your life that feels purposeful and aligned with who you are.🧐

Let me guess...

You want to heal yourself from the inside out but have no clue where to start or maybe you have tried but it didn’t do a single damn thing so you threw the towel in...

You let society and loved one’s expectations hold you back from actually figuring out and pursuing your REAL passions in life…

You want to take control of your life and support your loved ones in a way that feels abundant and fulfilled without it feeling like you are speeding up a mountain with the emergency brakes on and you never will see the top of the hill...

The voice inside of your head is telling you to not let 2021 be a repeat of 2020 even if you have no idea what you need to do…

You’re staying up all night wondering what changes do I need to make in my life to get me to where I TRULY want to be in my life…

Isn’t time you were able to use your spirituality to guide your life, relationships, and source of income so you can feel fulfilled in life? 

If your wide-eyed and scrolling with anticipation, the solution has arrived finally.

But first, stop, take a big relaxing breathe in and imagine...

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what daily actions to take to heal your past trauma, limiting beliefs, feel worthy, capable, and become confident AF?


How fun, EXHILARATING, and exciting, it would be to able able to use your intuition and the universe to manifest all your desires.


You no longer feel like you are constantly doubting yourself or your life lacks purpose and direction.


Your self-talk in your head is now saying how your life has so much ebb and flow, you wonder why you didn’t take the leap sooner.


What's up! I'm Karlee. When I am not in a headstand on my paddleboard out on the lake or practicing tarot cards, I'm a Holistic Coach and Nutritionist, who helps souls shatter society's expectations and un-normalize the noise around them, to start embodying their truths as their testimony to experience a life of fulfillment and alignment with who they are in life, relationships, + career. With 7 years of experience in holistic health and wellness, I have become an expert in teaching my clients how to step into their highest selves aka become unconscious to conscious to a 3D life to a 5D multi-dimensional life.

I created The Men's Spiritual Embodiment Workshop because my intuition and the universe was screaming at me to hold space for men to empower them to step into their divine feminine side so they can shatter the society's norms that have been put upon men for years so that they can create healthy relationships, boundaries, sexual intimacy, optimal health, and REAL, deep connections with other men on similar journeys.


You need an opportunity that will rocket launch your goals with simplicity and ease in a matter of days instead of years from a Holistic Coach that sees how hard it can be to step into your spirituality with all the noise that surrounds you to be the "big boys don’t cry mentality”


Support Group

A 3-day Men’s

Virtual Spiritual Empowerment Workshop

February 1, 3, 5th

An interactive learning experience ~ Don't expect to listen and take notes the whole time!

A private Facebook community with 1-2 hour {may be longer depending on class size} live training per day {lifetime access to recordings} and exercises given after each day. 

Can be used as a self-paced learning course too.

Hands-on coaching support during every training and in-between training.

Here's what's been called in for you...

Fully Equipped With All Tools To Use Your Feminine Side

You’ll be able to experience tapping into your divine feminine side that society has shunned you from getting familiar with so you can learn how to properly express yourself in a way that feels in alignment with who you truly are.

All The Good Feels

You’ll feel so connected with your intuition that you will know what path to take in your life and supported without doubting yourself one itsy bit.

Doubt-free Living

You’ll never have to ask Siri, your partner, or your best friend for advice AGAIN.


Spiritual Bad-Ass ✅CHECK

You’ll finally see how all these “spiritual gurus” are manifesting all of their dreams and desires without working hard at all.

Here's what's there saying...

“Karlee’s straight-forward, compassionate coaching is astounding. She can seamlessly guide anyone through their issues and challenge them effectively in new ways that work! Her ability to know exactly what you’re looking for and needing at the right time is remarkable and a work of art in itself. Her luminosity always brings something new to the table!"

"Highly recommend anyone to work with her.  Whether it’s through a personal session through her workshops, you will always be left feeling more in tune with yourself and your gifts.  Karlee, thank you so much for giving us your light and teaching us what it means to be a spiritual being living a human experience."

So let me ask you…


Are you ready to join us for a Spiritual Embodiment Workshop so you can FINALLY step into your power and crush your goals?!

  • "What if I don't have any of the ingredients that are listed?""
    This is one of the reasons WHY I made this, because most of the ingredients, if not all, you will already have in your kitchen and if you don't you can subsitute with whatever you got.
  • "Karlee, I don't think I am a very good cook, will this work for me?""
    100%, I simplified instructions below each non-recipe card and created examples to help you figure out what flavors and textures go together. If your really stuck, there is also normal bonus recipes to go with the cards.
  • "I don't understand how it works exactly?""
    You’ll NEVER have to buy another cookbook or find another recipe because the way I made this cookbook, it allows you to get creative, picking and choosing only healthy ingredients from lists (instead of one specific ingredient, like a regular recipe). You will be building your own unique meal with every card with step-by-step instructions. For example: A salad dressing needs to have an acid, liquid, sweetener, and spices to complete it. Below each of those there are lists of different ingredients to choose from and instructions how to make it.
  • "How is this different from a regular cookbook?""
    A usual cookbook has recipes with specific ingredients you need or it won't turn out properly. With just one ‘non-recipe’ card you can build multiple different meals that will always turn out, that vary so much in taste and texture, you’ll be shocked it all came from one single page. All ingredients inside the cookbook are not processed, have no sugar, and no fat. (unless it's the good fats, of course!) Nutritionist approved. 👌 It is a PDF printable digital product so no matter what kitchen your cooking in, 24/7, you will be able to share it with whomever you please and be able to download it to your phone for quick access or print it off to keep in your kitchen.
  • "But Karlee, I don't get how it will save me time?""
    You won't have to spend time figuring what to make, going to the grocery store to buy specific ingredients, all the meals can be made easily into big batches for future meals, and all the meals can be made in under an hour.

Get your hands-on early bird pricing by signing up NOW and patiently wait for your magical email to arrive that explains all the juicy details!

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