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Wholeness Healing & Holistic Health with Karlee Rose


Kind Words

Below are some beautiful testimonials & words from people I have had the pleasure of working with!

Natural Disaster

“My life consists of many rec activities, diving deep into self &, healing from within. Prior to partaking in healing with Karlee. I didn’t have a proper recovery idea/regiment for the toll my body was taking nor did I have my mind open to what healing can look like. The first couple of sessions were stellar; I moved through many tensions all throughout my body, released built-up AGFLAP (apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, pride) all whilst coming to a deeper understanding of how my body/heart/mind all function cohesively. Working only for a couple of weeks with Karlee I immediately felt & performed better on the soccer pitch, in my endurance cycling/running, at the gym, & felt more in tune with my own body. Having been given the tools to diver deeper into this human dilemma! She’s also a super light, fun, & an awesome person too!"

~ Kenty Angle, Kelowna, Canada

Mountain View

“Karlee's insightful, compassionate, & transformational coaching helped me to a new understanding, appreciation, & application of self-love, which turned out to be the answer to why I haven't been taking more forward & intentional action in my life. With her support, I've been able to shift my focus into more purposeful & meaningful pursuits. I am more excited than I have been in a long time about where I am headed!"

~ Wes Richards, Sherwood Park, Canada


"I have had the privilege & joy of joining Karlee's weekly healing & sound bath series. Everything is thoughtfully curated & facilitates deeper healing & a sense of community. I have raised my awareness of certain topics such as alignment, self-love, societal programming, & programming from our caregivers. I am thinking in new ways & her circles have given me a sense of belonging with my peers. 


Karlee has created a wonderful community of conscious souls to gather, connect, & partake in deep healing work that both refreshes & enlivens the soul. Kelowna is lucky to have Karlee & her offerings. She is a powerful feminine leader in the spiritual & personal development realm. I have really enjoyed her masterclasses & workshops & would highly recommend 

 them to anyone. 


She is a deeply caring & thoughtful person who puts a lot of effort and intention into creating a great experience for all who join. Thank you Karlee for all that you do. You're an inspiration for embodying a life of purpose & meaning and awakening & raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet."

~ Kaitlin Audrey, Summerland, Canada

Autumn Forest

“I knew I needed to change the way I looked at eating but I never knew how to start or where to begin. Karlee has given me so many great options & tips to create a healthy lifestyle.
What I love most is she is all about balance. So many times I've tried to diet & restrict myself so much that I'm bound to cheat. Once I was off track I never started again. With the personalized plan, getting to the root of my food sensitivity & also including supplement options for my gut health, I never felt better. I have more energy, less bloating & overall feel in better health. Even when I go off track now it's so easy to jump back on with all the advice Karlee has given me."

~ Kathy Kershaw, Kelowna, Canada

Beautiful Nature

"Karlee taught me how to express my emotions, my truth fearlessly. During our time together I was able to love myself more & others, be a better person in my relationships, & give my best to my family. This was life-altering & life-changing for me, as I live & wake up wanting to do more for myself & others. I feel like I am becoming a better person every day & I am now striving to grow consistently. I am sustaining healthier routines & habits too!


I strongly recommend working with Karlee. She provides honest feedback that is nurturing & helps you grow while not being offensive."

~ Curtis Challenger, Oranjestad, Aruba

Desert Nature

“I have suffered from anxiety disorder my whole life & when I started working with Karlee it was at my worst. I couldn't control my emotions or mental state & I felt lost. During our time together I was able to trust myself more, gain confidence, allow myself to be happy, just "be", be more present, & found my truth. I have fewer negative thoughts & more positive ones. My paranoia went down.

If you're on the fence like I was because I've tried many things & they didn't work, just try it. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain. This is not typical counseling at all, it's about finding your purpose & peace.

~ Andrea Lake, Vancouver, Canada

Natural View

"What I've enjoyed most about working with Karlee was she is incredibly easy to talk to & straight to the point. I love how she gives ALl the tools to achieve my health goals & they are easy to use. I can't even begin to describe what I have been able to resolve. I am working on so many aspects of my life. The knowledge is something I can implement into my everyday life & work towards all my goals.


I would 100% recommend her services to anyone that is committed to making a lifestyle change & for someone who wants to have a more enriched life. She has helped me achieve my goals in all areas of my life, from bettering my relationships, loving myself no matter what skin I am in, & health goals. This is truly a life changer, not a quick fix."

~ Molly Walliser Castlegar, Canada


“Karlee understands how to push people to make space for uncomfortable growth & then how to ground to accept the growth that was just made. I have increased engagement in my life. Before I was reaching for numbing activities, avoiding social connections, & spiritual connections. Now, I am actively reaching out to make connections & working on myself to deepen my connection to self, Universe, & others."

~ Margaret Gielniewski, Chicago, USA

Misty Morning

"I wanted to say what a wonderful & transformative experience it was working with Karlee. I was able to work through my childhood trauma & inner healing. I now am thinking more clearly, positively, & continuously working on becoming a better person & place in my life. It is 100% worth working with Karlee & I would highly recommend it."

~ Kristy Mertes Kelowna, Canada

Natural Waterfall

“Karlee's classes have created a connection to the conscious community, my body & mind unwind & de-stresses. I am then able to nourish my higher self. Working with Karlee, it has benefited the physical aspects of my body & the thought process of my brain. I enjoy being able to connect with warm, loving, caring people.


Karlee's teachings go beyond the physical time we spend together - as the healing continues to flow daily & into other areas of my life. Without Karlee's classes, I feel disconnected, stressed, undernourished, sore, & tired. I recommend her as a catalyst to tune into your higher self, be connected to a conscious community, & heal your mind, body, & soul."

~ Luna Kelowna, Canada

Dramatic Sunset

"When I started with Karlee I had really low self-esteem issues, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, & suffered from depression. I was wary about the investment but she set me up with a payment plan that worked within my finances. I learned self-healing practices, tools, & actions to take to be able to achieve all my goals, heal my childhood trauma, & mental health. I am excited every day to live! I have healthy communication & boundaries. I can control my emotions & thoughts, live in the present moment, & be fearless. I've been able to manifest my biggest dreams, & now have intuitive healthy routines & habits that are easily sustainable."

~ Dan Blecha College Station, USA

Green Field

“I have had the great joy to work with Karlee on a Zoom for mental health, just after my difficult time to know my son disappeared for five days last month. Karlee has another way & approach to mental sickness. Karlee is a woman who has great professional traits, reliable, & I share her vision & action. After 10 years of classical treatment myself for bipolar, I don't refute or condemn it, I see & feel the complementary work that she provides.
Thank you Karlee's to be of service in Kelowna! I look forward to meeting you in person!

~ Marie-Helene Perrin-kynigos, Canmore, Canada

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