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Wholeness Healing & Community Connections
with Karlee Rose





Karlee supports other as an Inuitive Mentor, Emotional Release & Purification Guide, Space Holder, Community Connector, & through Holistic Health. Some would call her a Life Coach, Energy Healer, or Holistic Health Practitioner - whatever resonates with you. Karlee's purpose (thus far) is to help create community & connections of spaces that feel safe so people can receive whatever is necessary for them to heal in that moment in time while having a deeper self-awareness & realizations. She also loves to support other entrepreneurs, healers, & coaches by helping them co-create their own events or workshops. She takes care of the logistics, holds the space, & they get to show up in their magic! Karlee is based out of Lake Country, BC, and works with people all over the world.


Her intention is to empower others to take their healing & gifts into their own hands & share with others so we can have a brighter future where people will equally support each other through their different perspectives while embracing their innate gifts & speaking their truths fearlessly. Karlee was gifted a 5-step process that helps assist others on their healing journey.

During her healing sessions, Karlee uses different modalities depending on the person's needs & level of awareness. Karlee has a way of connecting the dots from childhood to past experiences & the present moment to facilitate a transformation. She helps identify the root causes of negative thoughts, emotions, habits, & repeated toxic patterns that cause suffering & challenges. She uses her intuition & knowledge to understand a person's energy, mind, body, & soul connection.

Karlee uses her education & understanding of Holistic Health & Nutrition, Energy, Intuitive Business Building, Subconscious Reprogramming, Routine & Habit Restructuring, Letting Go, Frozen Frequency & Transcendental Childhood Trauma Clearings, Inner Child Healing, Somatic Work, Yoga, Meditation, Visualizations, Breathwork, Chakra Alignment, Sound Therapy, Womb Alchemy, Nervous System Regulation, & Balancing Feminine & Masculine. 

If any of that resonated with you ~ Feel free to check out Karlee's Healing Services.

Karlee LOVES creating Comm-Unity & Connections! If you have a vision & would like to facilitate an event but struggle with time, confidence, know-how, marketing, & structure to implement one then Karlee would be honored to help you!


Whether you are interested in collaborating with Karlee on an event, have a vision you want to share with her, have questions, want to get to know Karlee, or need clarity for a healing service - Book a Free Consultation here!

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The Journey Thus Far



Karlee's path as a young adult was trying to break through society's norms & expectations feeling stuck, lost, judged, & confused about what direction & steps to take in order for her to create a life of abundance, freedom, love, & purpose. Her journey of being an entrepreneur & healing has held many lessons. Throughout the years, Karlee has been challenged with being in a constant state of fight or flight, recurring headaches, childhood emotional trauma, low self-worth & self-love, addiction, complacency, living in scarcity & fear, emotional & physical abuse, & toxic sexual relations that opened her awareness to a never-ending journey of healing.

She received her diploma in Holistic Health & Nutrition in 2014 which gave her newfound awareness to help heal herself & others through the mind, body, & spirit connection. However, from her past unhealed traumas, she lacked the trust & confidence to pursue starting her own business.


In 2016, Karlee completed her education as a Certified Education Assistant & worked with kids with exceptionalities in Kelowna's school district. However, deep down, she felt like something was still missing as her journey as a yogi & worldwide traveler in-between her studies allowed her to learn different ancient teachings. After her last year-long trip she started her own business in affiliate marketing with Enagic. Promises of being able to create a digital business of freedom. A year into Enagic she had her "ah-ha!" moment & decided to pivot into her passion for Holistic Health & Healing.


Along the way, she connected with many beautiful people that provided her mentorship that propelled her deeper into her healing journey. Then by investing in various business & personal growth programs she was able to gain awareness that has allowed her to gain more awareness of her soul's purpose & get her closer to alignment. This caused a ripple effect of self-healing, self-learning, self-discovery, deconditioning, & receiving modalities to assist herself & others. She is still a work in progress & understands that healing is a life-long journey!

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